Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience 2022, 9.7.2022 22:00

Jana Dekánková
Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience 2022, 9.7.2022 22:00
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Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience 2022
Sobota, Júl 9, 2022 - 22:00
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Fats Jazz Band
Finally, after 2 years of pandemic break and despite all the things happening around, we will be back this year for a blissful weekend filled with dancing, parties and social quality time. It's so important to look forward to something we love.
The plans so far:
2 levels of Balboa, 2 Levels of Laminu & Slow Bal
Teaching Crew: Dan Guest & Nikki Durant, Adam Speen & Abigail Browning, Céline & Edgar Guitou Cavasa + Axel & Sandra
Musical Crew: Stephan Wuthe and Fats Jazz Band.
Plus our infamous Friday Rueda and the Sunday Brunch. AND a City Walk on Saturday!
We can't wait to see you again in Vienna