Maaike Den Dunnen, 4.5.2019 21:30

Reduta Jazz Club
Maaike Den Dunnen, 4.5.2019 21:30
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Maaike Den Dunnen
Sobota, Máj 4, 2019 - 21:30
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Reduta Jazz Club

A curly-haired, bold and original woman with an infectious energy. Dutch singer-composer Maaike den Dunnen makes jazz music accessible for everyone. Playful, yet with with integrity. Humor plays a big part.



She recorded two albums as a bandleader (original music & lyrics), gaining international aknowledgement and stunning reviews. After her debut CD release (Arrival), she toured through 10 countries, performed at major Jazz festivals (including North Sea Jazz Festival, Praha International Jazz Festival and Ubud Village Jazz Festival), and won 2 awards from Downbeat Magazine for ‘Outstanding Performance’. Her groups feature Jazz industry veterans, including Dena DeRose (Grammy Nominee – NYC singer-pianist), Mario Gonzi (Art Farmer’s drummer) and Renato Chicco (Jon Hendricks’ pianist). She was a finalist in the European Jazz Competition, performed as a solist with the RTV Slovenian Radio Big Band, and represented the Netherlands in the European Jazz Orchestra.


Maaike den Dunnen is a jazz-singer who not only sings. She also composes, writes lyrics, writes arrangements, leads her own projects and plays the piano now and then. With one foot solidly rooted in the jazz-tradition, she explores new paths with the other. She delivers any kind of music with a fair amount of vocal improvisation.


Den Dunnen is also an inspired and dedicated teacher, currently working at a.o. The Hague Royal Conservatory and Codarts Rotterdam.




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